Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Real Terrorists of the Road

What if we were to tell you that there was an epidemic of adults going around killing thousands of children and teenagers every year, and maiming hundreds of thousands more?  What if the innocent victims were statistically more likely to be victimized by such adults than to be victimized by people their own ages?  What if the killers were able to get off with relatively light punishments, and were still allowed to engage in the very behaviors that led to such tragedies? 

You probably think there would be an outrage, as there should be.  But America just predictably responds with a collective yawn and a shrug to the problem of drunk driving adults over 21 killing and maiming people under that age.  A new study shows that, with respect to alcohol-related crashes, children and teens are statistically more likely to be victimized by adults over 21 than vice versa, and more than from drunk drivers under 21.  Think about that next time you read about yet another "teenager killed in a drunk driving crash."

Remember, the drunk driver that killed MADD founder Candy Lightner's 13 year old daughter was 46.  A teenager was killed by an adult.  And what age group lost the most civil liberties as a result of MADD's activism?  18-20 year olds.  Honestly, does that really make any sense?

It's time we got much tougher on the real terrorists of the road.  Our children and teens--that is, our future--deserve nothing less.

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