Friday, January 8, 2010

New Organization for Lowering the Drinking Age

We at Twenty-One Debunked are clearly not alone in wanting to lower the drinking age.  Within the last week, the nation's first commercial (aka .com), non-blog website, Drink at 18, launched.  (In contrast, we're still just a blogged site--they beat us to it!)  Though they are not in any way affiliated with us, we wish them the best.  The more supporters our common cause has, the better, since there is still a dearth of websites dedicated to lowering the drinking age (compare that to the number dedicated to legalizing cannabis).  Check the site out for yourself--it's good.

Are there any significant differences between us, besides the fact that our site is primarily devoted to debunking junk science (as our name implies)?  Perhaps we have a somewhat more detailed plan of action for lowering the drinking age, but Drink at 18 is new and still has time to formulate such details.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  And any other differences are mostly cosmetic, such as the fact that we don't sell merchandise (yet).  We salute you, Drink at 18.

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