Monday, May 18, 2009

Thus Spoke Zarathustra!

You are probably scratching your heads as we speak, asking yourselves why you should believe us? After all, we do appear to have an axe to grind about the drinking age debate. And hasn't the question of the drinking age been settled already? No, it has not been settled, despite the media and political pseudo-consensus on the matter. Since as far back as 1986, and as recently as 2007, several high-quality studies have been done that have broken any scientific consensus there may have been in the past, but those ones do not get equal time in the media. Our job at Twenty-One Debunked is simply to present the other side of the story, using those oft-forgotten studies. And when new pro-21 studies come out, we will critically review those as well. We do not claim to be prophets, but we (and anyone) can make some pretty good guesses based on the available research to date. Remember that no study is flawless, even the best ones.

It is up to you to decide which side you want to believe. But please, base your decision on the facts, not the messenger.

Neither the True Spirit of America Party (TSAP) nor Twenty-One Debunked have any affiliation with or connection to the alcohol industry, DISCUS, or Prof. David J. Hanson. Nor do we have any connection with Choose Responsibility or the Amethyst Intitiative. And it goes without saying that, while we detest drunk driving, we have no connection to MADD or similar groups. But that does not mean we do not agree with the aforementioned organizations on some things.

For best results, please read the intro before proceeding.

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